SRT – Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a therapy method developed by Robert Detzler to consciously connect and communicate with High Self to receive answers and healing. The connection starts with a positive intention and the communication is achieved using a pendulum and a set of charts.

SRT clearing work is a powerful spiritual process for researching and eliminating discordant programs that have accumulated in the Subconscious mind and soul record from current and past life experiences. A program is a strong subconscious “script,” often accompanied by negative emotional energy, that is played out in your current life in response to triggers such as events you have experienced or persons you have known in past lives. By asking Spirit to clear these programs, we are free to make clear conscious choices in the present without the undue influence of these negative programs from our past.

Although many people report that clearing programs and direct energy work has a supportive and observable effect on their physical, mental, and emotional circumstances, SRT is not meant to be used to evaluate, diagnose, or treat illness. It is your responsibility to see the appropriate health care practitioners if you have concerns about specific mental or physical ailments.

SRT clearing work can be done for:
-People of any age, gender or religion.
-Physical spaces: rooms, houses, buildings, schools, businesses etc.

In person or online.
If you can’t come over to my practice, we can arrange a day and time to speak on the phone or Skype. Alternatively, if phone or video chat is not convenient because of time difference, I can still do the therapy for you. When finished I contact you by phone or email to discuss.

I offer 4 types of clearing work with SRT:
‘SRT Essential’
‘Specific Areas’
‘Soul Journeys’ and
‘Physical Space’


This is a full clearing and includes:
*Research and clearing: of Subconscious programs, blocks, interference and discordant energies from this and past lives.

*Healing the Inner Child: The inner child is composed of all the younger parts (or ages) previous to our current age. Our inner child may be blocked in one or more stages of growth, often through an emotionally charged experienced, it may have also picked discordant energies/emotions felt by the mother (not necessarily in relation to the child), father or another person usually close to the family.
The younger child doesn’t have the tools to process experiences/energies/emotions and therefore they are left unprocessed and/or unresolved creating problems in our present. It is essential to heal and free our inner child of any discordant energies, so we can live a truly happy life.

*Relationship with self (The most important relationship you’ll ever have): Most times, the energies we hold on to ourselves are not in balance. This causes, among other problems, low self-esteem and low self-confidence. By clearing the Subconscious blocks and discordant energies, we can enjoy a healthier relationship with ourselves and as a result be in a better place.

*Relationship with life: How do you feel about life? Sometimes the answer doesn’t come quickly, clear or positive. A healthy relationship with life is essential for our overall well-being. Oftentimes we find that when the relationship with mother is not in balance, the relationship with life isn’t either.

*Relationship with mother and father: these are the pillars of our life. Sometimes one or both pillars are damaged, absent or causing interference in our life in one way or another. Regardless of what happened in the past or what is happening right now, it is important to start with us and heal; first in relation to the influence our biological and/or adoptive parents have had and still have in our life. Second, to eliminate any discordant energies we are holding onto them at the Subconscious level. This will help us to be at peace with ourselves and the world.
Length of session: 2 hours.


*Relationship with 5 of the most important figures in our life such as: grandparents, siblings children, spouse, close friends or other: Our lives are complex and the threads connecting us to others are multiple. This energy threads or cords are not always positive or balanced and in order to live a happy satisfying life we need to free ourselves from unnecessary burdens. We do it for ourselves; we want to be clear from discordant energy.
As we clear the discordant energy we are holding on to the most important people in our lives (this is at the Subconscious level), and we clear the blocks to positive expression, we heal ourselves in relation to the other person, we free ourselves and the other person by clearing the path and cutting the energy threads when necessary.

*Clearing of 5 important areas: abundance, prosperity, work, love, health or other.
It could be that you’re constantly worried about your finances, that you feel there is never enough, perhaps you feel that prosperity doesn’t knock on your door or that work seems unstable, perhaps you feel lonely or your love relationships don’t seem to last, perhaps you are struggling with anxiety, depression and don’t seem to get any better.
There are many programs and blocks responsible for our current problems, we can identify them and clear them so you become more grounded, receptive and open to all the goodness that is available to you.
(Requisite: SRT Essential)
Length of session: 2 hours


We are more than our physical body. We have lived thousands of lives, not only on planet Earth but in many other worlds, planets, galaxies and because time doesn’t exist as we know it in the Spiritual Realm, there are also parallel lives and lives in the future.
Through the conscious connection we establish with our High Self in SRT, we can get answers to many questions such as:
-How many lives have I lived?
-How many lives have I lived on Earth? In which centuries? Continents? Countries? Civilizations?
-Where else have I lived?
-What is the place my soul identifies as home? (It may be a star, another planet or other).
-Am I living also in a parallel life?
-What’s my purpose?
-What is the main challenge I have to overcome here on Earth?
-What are my strengths?

*Soul Family: Our Soul Family is based in the Spiritual Realm, not all the members of our Soul Family are in physical form here on Earth.
The members of our biological family on Earth are not necessarily part of our Soul Family in the Spiritual Realm. We choose to incarnate in families composed of souls who belong to other Soul Families to help each other to learn and grow. With SRT we can identify who is part of our Soul Family and oversoul (Group of connected Soul Families). We clear the Soul Family.

*Flame Mates (FM) and Twin Flames (TF): They are part of our Soul Family or oversoul. By connecting with your FM or TF in this life doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have a happy relationship; sometimes we agree with a FM and/or TF to help each other learn and grow through difficult experiences. At other times we may find each other to enjoy a wonderful relationship or partnership. FM’s and TF’s can have the role of a close friend, parent, grandparent, child, teacher, spouse or other. We all have different Flame Mates, we can also have more than one Twin Flame however, some souls only have Flame Mates. With SRT we can identify who is who and find out what challenges we need to overcome and what are the positive energies we bring together to the world.
Please note that this part of therapy is not part of a formal SRT procedure. I have created it out of personal interest and curiosity and interest of other people I have met through my work with Hypnosis, QHHT and SRT. I have created my own charts for this purpose, using all the information I have gathered throughout my career so far.
(Requisite: SRT Essential)
Length of session: 2 hours.


Just as we absorb energies from other people and our environment, so does a house or a building of any type. Everything has consciousness, even a house.
A house and any physical space is a living being.
If your house feels a bit odd, there are cold areas that never seem to get warm, you are struggling to sell or rent a house, you want to move in to a new home that is free and clear of any discordant energy from the previous occupants or you simply want to clear it to enjoy a healthy home, then a full clearing would benefit you and anyone living in the house.
Perhaps it’s not your house but your work place, your business or any other physical space.
Length of session: 1 hour.

Some Testimonials:

“I had a spiritual response therapy with Karin. Must say I was blown away. Throughout Karin was very thorough and professional. Also, very diplomatic when some not so pleasant aspects came up about me in the past!

I have felt really good since, with a much better understanding about myself and different things that have happened in my life.

Also, the physical advice that came up, and that I shall definitely seemed I already had an inkling about this, but now have confirmation. Would definitely recommend Karin and this therapy to my friends, family and any acquaintances that may need help. Amazing stuff, amazing therapist!”
-J.W. (Stoke on Trent, UK)

“I’m 71 years old and I can say that although I haven’t been diagnosed bipolar, my mood has been up and down since I was a child.
I have experienced very complex and difficult times in my life.
Recently, I have had feelings of unhappiness with my life and conflict with some family members, negative emotions I haven’t been able to eradicate.

I had an SRT session with Karin and it has been like a current of fresh air clearing my feelings and negative emotions. I feel different, I feel light, at peace with myself and everyone around me.
I am very thankful to Karin for the time she dedicated to me, I have noticed a change immediately, extraordinary.
I am a very practical person, not easily suggestible and I can say objectively that I am impressed with the results.
I am very grateful”
-L.A. (Santiago, Chile)