QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

QHHT is a therapy method developed by Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in the field of hypnosis and consciousness exploration.
During an altered state of consciousness (hypnosis), the frequencies of your brain change allowing you to have access to areas of your mind and soul, which during the waking state are basically inaccessible.
Our consciousness is not limited to the physical body, therefore it can explore the timeless realms.
Our mind and soul have the incredible ability to record everything we have ever experienced, like a computer,but way much superior.

We have lived thousands of lives, not only on planet Earth but in many other worlds, planets, galaxies and because time doesn’t exist as we know it in the Spiritual Realm, there are also parallel lives and lives in the future.
During a QHHT session the person is guided to reach the ideal altered state of consciousness to find the most appropriate time and space, to explore and find from a vast variety of experiences, those that hold the information we need to help the person make sense of their current problems, relationships, illnesses etc.
During one session we can explore from 1 to 3 past lives.
At the end of the session we connect with the person’s High Self, our inner wisdom, the part of ourselves that remains in the Spiritual Realm, constantly guiding and helping us. High Self is directly connected to Source and works with many other spiritual beings that can assist in the healing process.
We can ask any question and we always receive an answer.

QHHT sessions are composed of 2 parts:

1). An introductory chat: It is important for me to know more about you, so I’ll ask several questions. If you have any questions this is the time. I’ll also explain what hypnosis is and how it works. Usually we spend around two or three hours on this stage.
2). The hypnosis session. We begin with a relaxation; it is important for the physical body to be fully relaxed, so the mind can be alert and crystal clear. After the relaxation I guide you through a journey of self exploration. Your consciousness is not limited to your physical body, therefore you can travel anywhere. The suggestion is given for your Subconscious mind to take you to the most appropriate time and space to fin the information we need to help you in the best possible way. We will review from 1 to 3 lives. These may be in the past, future, other dimensions, parallel lives, existences in other planets or stars. The most important thing is to keep an open mind and let your Subconscious take you wherever you need to go.
The regression can have a duration of more or less two hours.

The session can take place in one day or we can split it in two different days, this means that we can have the introductory chat in one day and the hypnosis session in another.

If you have questions or would like to book a session, feel free to contact me.

My private practice is located in Buxton, Derbyshire, UK. I also work in Madrid, Spain.
I offer this therapy in English or Spanish.

Please note: QHHT sessions can only be in person.

A client finds the root of a current health problem in a past life.

Not all trauma comes from this lifetime; devastating circumstances are also experienced in past lives and stored in the vast library of the soul.
Memories from the past, especially negative ones, can be triggered at any moment, bringing forth an avalanche of feelings and sensations, sometimes symptoms and pain from no apparent origin.

All the information is already stored with incredible detail. High Self makes it available when the time is right and the person is ready to confront, understand and release the pressure from these memories.
This happened to a client who came for a regression. To protect his identity I will use a different name.
Mark is in his 50’s. He says he’s more of a rational, left-brain type of person who became interested in the subject of past life regression a while ago after reading a couple of books.

He’s currently retired and told me he has struggled with pain on the right hip for more than 20 years, at around the same time he lost 50% of hearing in the right ear, both have no specific origin.

During the session he saw himself as a pilot during WW1, after a few seconds he was visibly stressed, started crying inconsolably and shaking… the plane crashed after an explosion and he was trapped. He was unable to move his right leg; the shock and the pain were unbearable. His face clearly showed the agony as he placed a hand on his right hip while recounting the event. He then touched his right ear… and he said “wait for me!”.

Dying in such traumatic circumstances can be very difficult for the soul to handle. When the experience is not integrated and processed properly into the memory reservoir, certain aspects of it can carry on as a residue to future incarnations.
In this case, Mark has had pain in his hip and hearing loss in one ear (probably due to the loud explosion) for a many years.

This regression helped him to clarify a few questions he had and if it’s appropriate for his personal growth during this lifetime, the pain on his hip will subside as well as the discomfort on the right ear caused by tinnitus.

Some Testimonials:

“In the last months I have started to experience what anxiety and real stress feels like. Being a person that is constantly immersed in his thoughts, it was utterly satisfying to purely relax when the actual hypnosis started and to observe how the mind drifts off whilst listening to the professional guidance of Karin. Reliving one of my past lives was certainly one of the most interesting things I have experienced in my life. Thanks to Karin’s expertise on how to use the cues that I experienced during my regression, I am able now to better understand why I have certain behavioral patterns and how I can solve them. I clearly would recommend her to everyone that needs help, in one way or the other.”
-N.E. (Madrid, Spain)

“The first time I heard about QHHT was three years ago watching Dolores Cannon’s videos about personal, cosmic stories and messages from her patients in deep hypnosis.

At the time, I was curious, but I didn’t think of having a QHHT session myself; maybe I was scared or not ready. But at the end of last year, I was looking for different kinds of therapy to overcome traumas and to get rid of unhealthy social conditionings. Since then, I have done several kinds of therapy; traditional and alternative ones. I wanted to have a go with QHHT and see how it could help me in my personal healing process.

Then, I found Karin Momberg at QHHT’s website and we started to exchange messages. From the beginning she was very thoughtful. During the session, she dedicated plenty of time for us to talk, making sure to create a safe environment before putting me in a hypnotic trance.

In the hypnotic state, I went to a past life which helped me to understand several situations in my current life, and I also had the opportunity to meet my higher-self and mentor.

Having the QHHT session with Karin helped me to clear my thoughts and feelings and I could reconnect with my true self.

I can say that after QHHT session I feel more empowered, confident, genuine and happier. And more than ever, I believe I am the leader and creator of my own life and destiny.”
-P.R. (Brazil)

“I haven’t had hypnosis or past life regression hypnosis formally before but have recently become interested in the possible impact of past lives on my current life. Karin listened to my story and told me exactly what to expect during the hypnosis which was very reassuring. The session was long and interesting. I couldn’t have predicted what came up for me. I am still processing the experience but have a good idea of what exactly was important for me to remember.

Karin is kind, friendly, welcoming and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to see her again for further sessions.”
-S.H (Buxton, UK)

“I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a little bit nervous but Karin was wonderful and helped me to put aside my anxieties and relax for hypnosis. The regression helped me to remember time with my granny in such detail that I’m sure I could never have achieved myself, which has been a real treasure to me. The actual past life experience was incredible! I’m not a believer in reincarnation but there is little other explanation for the amount of knowledge and detail that I came up with! I experienced two previous lives, one as an old woman called Elizabeth, and another as a boy called Thomas. We followed Thomas’s life through marriage, work, moves, grandchildren and death. It was an extremely moving experience that I never imagined could have come from my mind. Karin also enabled me to meet my guardian angel who had a message for me. I recommend everyone should have this amazing experience of past life regression hypnosis, whatever their beliefs may be as it was so eye-opening and beautiful. Karin explained the hypnosis thoroughly and clearly before we began and was so kind and professional throughout. I’ve already recommended Karin to all my friends and can’t wait until my next visit!.”
-L.B. (Glossop, Derbyshire, UK)

“The experience of regression left me in awe of the immeasurable spaces of the human mind and where you can be lead to with the help of the professional and warming hypnotherapist Karin. The experience left me serene and I would definitely return!.”
-R.N. (Buxton, Derbyshire, UK)

“The thought of past life regression may seem strange to some, but for me who has always had an interest in all things alternative, it was something I have always wanted to try.
Immediately after meeting Karin you can tell she is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She is very alert and attentive to your needs and she makes sure you are comfortable before and during the session.

At first I decided to try Past life regression purely out of curiousness. I thought that the only thing to come out of it would be a name, age and occupation, but it gave me more than that. With Past life regression, I have been able to see things that have happened to me before, which explain my behavior in certain circumstances now and by knowing this I can work with it and change it.

It provided real feelings from that time (no painful ones) and advice came to me from it, to give me a chance do things differently so I can get out of life what I came here to do. I would not hesitate to recommend Karin, she knows what she is doing.”
–K.F. (Buxton, Derbyshire, UK)