Clinical Hypnosis & NLP

What is Clinical Hypnosis?

Karin Momberg Clinical Practice

Hypnotherapy is a very effective method that can help to resolve a wide variety of problems.
It can also help individuals to improve any areas of their personal life, and be used as an adjunct to other treatments (Chemotherapy, physiotherapy etc). Hypnosis is commonly used to treat the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Phobias
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Emotional Problems
  • Losing Weight
  • Sleep problems

Before telling you how it works, let me ask you…

  • Have you ever been so focused doing something, that you forget that the world exists?
  • Have you ever felt deeply absorbed reading a book, watching a movie or a match?
  • Have you ever been so focused playing a sport, playing an instrument or maybe dedicating your full attention to something that you like, and later you realise time has gone quicker than you thought?
  • Have you ever practiced meditation?

If you identify yourself with one or more of the examples above; you have already experienced a hypnotic trance. Are you surprised? We experience this state on a daily basis, therefore it is a state you are familiar with.

How does it work?

Lets start by getting a clearer idea about the Conscious and Subconscious mind.
An iceberg is a good analogy to describe the connection between “Conscious” and “Subconscious” mind. The small, visible part on the top being the conscious and the enormous part below being the unconscious.
The conscious mind: is the mental state responsible for our awareness in the awaking state. Is our logical and analytical mind, however it is very limited.
The Subconscious mind: works as a great data bank, where all we have ever experienced is stored; experiences, images, feelings, impressions, words, skills etc. This part is also in charge of our emotions which explains why we can feel a certain way without really knowing exactly why. This very powerful part of our mind is also responsible for our body’s physiological functions, that is our breathing, blood pressure, heart rate etc.

How many times have you tried to remember where you’ve left the keys? or your phone?. The Subconscious mind takes control over all these movements and patterns.

During hypnosis, the body can relax deeply and as it does so, our mind becomes more alert, therefore more receptive to positive suggestions. This is what we call an “altered state of consciousness”. As I said before, the Subconscious mind stores everything individuals have learned and experienced, habits and behaviors among others, it works as a great reservoir of self-knowledge and strengths. These can be accessed through hypnosis so the patient can make use of this ‘data’ to make positive adjustments and changes.

In very simple words…
Hypnosis is a state of focused awareness achieved by relaxation and
Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.

Would you like to know how hypnotherapy can help you? Contact us now for a free consultation.

Our Fees

-Free consultation (Email or telephone)
-Monday to Friday: £70 per session (60 to 90 minutes)
-Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: £85 per session (60 to 90 minutes)

-Weight Loss: Please contact me for details.

-Smoking Cessation: £200 (3 sessions, follow up and Audio CD)

-Past Life Regression Therapy (QHHT): £180 (this includes the digital audio recording of your session). After your first past life regression experience, you may want to come back to continue to explore, if that’s the case all successive past life regression sessions are £70 each.

Some Testimonials

“At nearly forty years of age I suddenly started experiencing panic attacks. At first they completely took me by surprise and I was petrified that there was something medically wrong with me. I can only describe them as feeling as though I was going to die.
I am a manager at work and they were getting to a point where I was struggling to do my job. I would be holding a team meeting and suddenly everything would start to shut down. I would struggle to speak and my vision would close in. I would become a nervous wreck and just have an all-consuming need to get out of the room I was in. I dreaded meetings and was so worried about one happening I was loosing confidence. Then they started happening outside work, like if I saw someone out shopping, I just wanted to avoid them and would panic. I went to see my doctor who ran a few checks and then told me it was stress and anxiety. I was given beta-blockers. These work. But I was not given a way out. Beta-blockers troubled me because I didn’t want to take tablets everyday or for the rest of my life.
Then came Karin. I was a complete sceptic.
You only need to spend a few minutes with Karin to see how passionate she is about hypnotherapy. It’s not her job, it’s what she was born to do. I did twelve visits to Karin and still miss them. I’d leave each time and feel like I’d had a “hard reset”. Everything seemed to work better. Gradually the attacks became less frequent and less severe. I recognised when they were likely to occur and Karin gave me strategies to cope. I binned the beta-blockers. I can’t recommend Karin enough. She never made me feel like I was being stupid. She never judged. She just listened and helped. I would not hesitate to ask her for help again.”

–T.B. (Buxton, Derbyshire)

“I was recommended to Karin by a friend to help me with the fear of flying.
I think it might be worth me mentioning that this fear had led me to drive to many places to avoid getting on a plane.
Driving to France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and many more.
I have only ever flown for work and have been physically ill with the thought of getting on a plane.
After only one session with Karin, the day before my last flight, I can say it was the most calm I have ever been on a plane and dare I say I even enjoyed the flight! I even took a photo out of the Window!!
I'm now planning a holiday to a destination that my wife would like to go to on a plane without any work being involved, this will be the first holiday we have flown too in 12 years of being together.
Thank you Karin I will definitely be back to see you again regarding other things in my life I think you could help me with. X”

-Marcus Birks (Staffordshire, UK)