I'm a self taught artist and designer by
I've always been fortunate to possess a great
imagination that is nurtured everyday and
makes me experiment with different materials.
Painting has been the most constant way of
expression in my life, in which I have
discovered amazing worlds and in which I feel
a profound connexion with myself and the

With my art I want to communicate joy,
enthusiasm, positive energy, love for our inner
child, love for the childhood.

I also want to help to establish a harmonic
connexion with our emotions, to discover
ourselves as beings of light, with a potential.

I firmly believe in the positive energy
transmitted by what we create with love.
Original paintings and mandalas are available for sell and exhibition, as well as signed fine art gicleé  prints, of
different sizes, on paper or canvas.

Here you can enquiry about lessons and presentations.
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* Recent work:
This piece has been donated to
"Tea Time"
Mosaic piece to hang on the wall
made with broken pottery.
21 cms in diameter.
My passion for baking is inspiring me beyond the oven,
so I'm working on a series of paintings related to
I have also started a new blog where I share my
"baking adventures", please visit
HERE and feel free to
leave a comment.
Have a
sweet day!
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"The emotions are sometimes so strong
that I work without knowing it. The
strokes come like speech."

Vincent van Gogh
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